Ultimate Frisbee – Students vs Faculty Championship Match!

Thursday 8 FEB 2018

The Just Eagles came out in force to support PDP-1 in their quest for ‘Ultimate’ victory.  As the undefeated Ultimate Frisbee student team, the members of PDP-1 earned the right to challenge the faculty team for the dual-championship trophy!

CPTs Marc Beaudoin and Ben Letendre looked more like Tron and Rinzler as they whipped the disc up and down the field with deadly speed and accuracy.  Not to be outdone, 1LTs Scott Ludlow, Nick Brown, Justin Gayle, and Shane Bagwell lived up to our class name as they took flight and soared high to make catch after incredible catch!

Aggressive and relentless defensive pressure from 1LTs Rury Grisham,  Lauren Owens, Jed Sents, Stacy White, and Fahimeh Manjili kept the faculty at bay forcing them to fight for every yard.  Even 1LT Michael Swinton (who started the game with one sprained ankle and finished with a second) made significant contributions.  Both teams wanted it and everyone left it all on the field.  But alas, in the end the faculty managed to edge their way to a 9-7 hard fought victory over PDP 1.

Every member of PDP-1 made significant contributions throughout the season and during the championship game.  To the 205th, it is now in your hands…avenge us!


PDP-1 Team Members

Faculty Mentors: MAJ Matthew Aiesi, MAJ Joshua Wolff

1LT Shane Bagwell

CPT Marc Beaudoin

1LT Nicholas Brown

1LT Justin Gayle

1LT Rury Grisham

CPT Benoit Letendre

1LT Scott Ludlow

1LT Fahimeh Manjili

1LT Lauren Owens

1LT Jedidiah Sents

1LT Michael Swinton

CPT David West

1LT Stacy-Ann White




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