The Season of Giving


On Saturday, a group of Judge Advocates volunteered for Operation Toy Lift, a charity that gathers and transports donated toys to needy children in Charlottesville.  The JA’s met the charity staff at a former library building that has been converted to a warehouse.  The staff had packed hundreds of toys into boxes and labelled them for their destinations at public schools throughout the city.  The JA’s spent several hours moving the toy boxes outside to be transported to the schools.  “It was an amazing time to help the children of the local community and bond with each other in the process,” said 1LT Justin Hayes.  The volunteers were JAOBC Student Detachment Commander CPT Earl Wilson, CPT Billie Debrason, CPT David West, 1LT Juan Albino, 1LT Justin Hayes, 1LT Jordan Huffman, 1LT Lauren Owens, 1LT Michael Swinton, 1LT Christine West, and 1LT Christian Woo.





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